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Welcome to Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd

Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd is incorporated in the UK. 51% of the shares are held by Bangladesh Government and 49% by Sonali Bank Ltd, Bangladesh.


Retail Banking Services

We wish to inform you that following a substantive review of our retail banking services, the Bank has taken the decision to cease retail deposit banking services. This decision has not been taken lightly and whilst we understand that there may be some disruption to you as a customer, we would like to clarify what services will be impacted and how we can help and support you going forward.

What services are being withdrawn?

Cheque books

Deposit of cheques

Receipt of Direct Credits

Receiving credits via CHAPS or Faster Payment

Cash Deposits

Access to these services will be withdrawn from 11th October 2019.

Remittance & Foreign Exchange Business as usual

Please note that we will continue to provide our Remittance & Foreign Exchange Services as usual to all our valued customers.  You will no longer be able to fund remittances through your Sonali Bank (UK) Limited account; however we will continue to accept debit and credit cards except American Express.

We are here to help

If you have any concerns, please come in to see us between 9.30 am to 4pm, or call us as follows:

UK Branch: Mr. Salahuddin Choudhury, Customers Services Manager,  on dedicated helpline Tel no +447723768414

Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd was established to:

To help the UK Bangladesh community involved with the development of the Bangladesh economy through the remittance of foreign exchange and Trade finance.

Provide niche banking service to the UK Bangladeshi community.

Provide access to the London financial market for the banking and corporate communities in Bangladesh. Following a substantive review of its retail banking services the Bank in September 2017, took the decision to cease retail deposit banking services other than Remittances and Foreign Exchange Business.

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